ALMOST one in four pupils in Glasgow went on to higher education last year.

New school by school figures show the number of pupils who went to university, further education college, work or unemployment from secondaries across the city.

The school with the most pupils going to higher education courses was the Glasgow Gaelic School with more than 60%.

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While Bannerman High sent the most pupils into employment with almost one in three going to a job.

The figures showed the highest ever positive destination figures for Glasgow.

The city has been trying to turn around a reputation for teenagers being classified as NEETs. Not in Education employment or training and education bosses say it has proved successful.

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Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education said: “This is an excellent achievement for our schools as the international evidence shows that the longer young people stay in education past the statutory leaving date the better their longer term outcomes will be.

“The increase in higher education is linked to our success in raising attainment at Higher level.”