Ten final year pupils at a Glasgow secondary school have reportedly been told not to return for their last two days of classes after taking part in an 'Easter prank'. 

The sixth-year students at John Paul Academy in Summerston were sanctioned after turning up for class on Tuesday following the bank holiday break.

The pupils had reportedly been caught on CCTV on Monday evening at around 8.35pm throwing eggs, flour and toilet paper at the school building. 

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Those who took part were then told to not return for the final two days of term before exams begin. 

There have been suggestions online that as many as 40 bags of flour were thrown at the school and that a significant cleaning up job would need to be carried out on the school. 

One parent whose child was suspended told the Daily Record: “The pupils were carrying out a pupil led tradition which all sixth years do on the last day of the Easter holidays.

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Police Scotland have confirmed that they received a call on Monday evening regarding objects being thrown at the school. 

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council told the Record: “It’s really unfortunate and silly that the pupils felt the need to end their school days with a prank that has resulted in a costly clean-up bill for the school.”

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