CHALLENGING, rewarding and just the job for them sum up the feeling of some of Glasgow's carers.

An army of carers are helping thousands of elderly people to live in their own homes day in day out and now a campaign has been launched to recruit more.

Glasgow City Council is looking to take on 400 carers and has more than carers 2600 on their books. There are more than 10,000 home care service users in Glasgow every year and with that there needs to be around 87,000 home care visits a week around five million per year.

We spoke to three carers about how they came into their roles and just what it means to them.

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Nicole Scally, 28, Glasgow City Council home carer and face of the new camaign, goes into work every day enjoying and looking forward to what she does.

Nicole said: “I used to do caring for my granddad and after that I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. Nothing else more I wanted to do than care for somebody.

“It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve done travel and tourism at college and I just fell away from it. When I came into care, I just realised that it’s just the best job I’ve ever had, it’s just something in me. I just want to get up every morning and do it.

“It’s a challenging job, but I love it. It’s so rewarding I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Nicole acknowledges some people have misconceptions of what home carers do, but says they do more than just make cups of tea.

Carer Yvonne Boyd, 52, got into the care industry by accident, not knowing that caring for her grandparents would allow her to fall in love with her profession.

"I go to work every day enjoying what I do, I didn’t always, I’ve worked in machinery and shops but I’m a people person," Yvonne said.

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“I do like working with people so going into care and going into people’s houses is like looking after my granny and granda again, I always take it back to them so it’s easy for me to look after people.

“If you like helping people then you will like doing this, that’s the only thing I can say really.”

Yvonne, who has been a carer for 15 years, often looks after people at the end of their lives which she described as an honour.

After caring for her mother in law for seven years, Gulnaz Qadri, 41, took a chance at trying care work permanently.

Gulnaz said: "I was working before in hair and beauty and I took a wee break. I wasn’t really enjoying my previous work, so on somebody’s advice I decided to try with care. Obviously I was thinking I have no training but at that time City Council provided the training and I was in the job.”

Gulnaz said its worthwhile it is to see a change in service users as the carers help them go from someone lost, to someone much brighter and independent.

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“Personally, for me there’s no comparison. This is for me, I really like my job.

“As a job, very rewarding, but challenging.”

“Since I’ve been doing care I’ve not had to question once, oh I don’t want to get up, it’s too early, it’s too cold I just absolutely love my job.”

The council is looking to recruit empathetic, caring people towards this job highlighting that although the job can be difficult, the rewards outweigh the negatives.