A GLASGOW comedian is to perform a fundraising gig to help support the family of a terminally ill girl who was targeted by online trolls.

Gary Faulds wanted to do something after hearing about Kiara Buonomo's illness and the online abuse that the family has been subjected to.

He wanted to do something to help, so he got in touch with the family to organise a show to raise money for Kiara’s sensory garden.

He said: “You've got to give back, I've taken so much from the community in my career, and I'm in a position where I can give back.

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“As a dad, I was like, is there something more I can do? So instead of giving a DVD I thought, you know what, I'm in a position I can do a gig for this wee girl.”

The seven-year-old was diagnosed with brain tumour last year and the family was told she has months to live.

The parents of the seven-year-old are now looking to make her comfortable and build her a safe playing space to make all the memories they have time for.

“The wee girl doesn't know what I'm doing, she probably doesn't know about the photos. It's more about the family, they're the ones who are experiencing that,” Gary said.

His first goal was to sell 100 tickets and raise about £1,500, but sales are already between 160 and 180 booked seats, and the money raised is well on its way to hit £3,000.

Online trolls attacked the girl on social media earlier this year with abusive messages that deeply upset the family.

When Gary found out about it, he felt for the family, as he’s had to deal with a fair share of social media abuse himself as part of his career.

“I'm not a victim, the internet has changed my life and I love it, but obviously you got people who'll say nasty things,” he said.

“When I was thinking about that wee girl, I was thinking how she would feel if she seen that, that wee girl was maybe on her last days, and if she seen something like that, that would be [one of] her last memories, you know.”

The girl also heard from her favourite team, with Rangers star Alfredo Morelos sending her a letter of support.

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Gary can sympathise with the family because of his personal experience as well. He said: “I lost my dad to cancer. We spent quality time with each other, so that, when he passed away, our last memories were quality time, it wasn't my dad suffering.

“That's the reason I'm doing the gig, the finances that I give that family may create that quality time.”

On several occasions the comedian has expressed how grateful he is to be able to use his success to help others, for example with his mental health support group.

He said: “As a comedian I can't save the world, but if I can help a wee girl, that's a good deed done for the day kinda thing.”

Gary has been working hard to create more support for people suffering from bad mental health. His men’s mental health support group was a big achievement and has evolved in the direction the comedian was hoping for.

“The guys have taken over the group now from me, and I'm going to start another one, maybe in the Southside of Glasgow,” he said.

“It's amazing, my mental health is a lot better because I've got these guys around me all the time."

Gary Faulds’ gig will take place this Sunday at Glee Club Glasgow. All the proceeds will go to Kiara’s family.