The 'heroic' actions of a member of the public have been praised by passengers on a morning train on Friday after she came to the aid of a woman who had suffered a seizure. 

The brave lady swooped in to help after a woman on the 7.19am Scotrail service from Edinburgh to Helensburgh Central began to take unwell between stops at Bellgrove and High Street stations. 

One passenger described the horrific incident as the passenger began to go unconscious, going very pale and swallowing her tongue. 

The woman, who he described as wearing an orange jacket, helped by instructing others of how to help and using a pen to dislodge her tongue.  

The passenger said: "Everything was fine until we got between Bellgrove and High Street then all of a sudden two ladies began shouting about pressing the emergency button as a passenger next to them was taking a seizure. 

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"I immediately pressed the red button next to me and after someone asked for a doctor a young lady in an organe jacket ran down the carragie telling people to get the girl in the recovery position. 

"I ran down after someone asked for help to get the girl onto the floor. Once we got her on the floor the woman noticed the girl looked like she had swallowed her tongue. She immediately started rubbing the girls neck to try to dislodge her tongue. 

"She got a pen off one another passenger and eventually we just arrived at High Street and her tongue came free, she began to come to."

After the train arrived at High Street, paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and the passenger was taken away for treatment. 

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Her condition is currently unknown. 

However, those on the train have said they believe swift action may have saved her life. 

The passenger added: "We called 999 and the paramedics advised we not move the girl as she said she was pregnant. As she came to she was quite dazed and wanted to sit up and the paramedics came within 10 minutes."

"Heroic is the word I would use. I don't think anyone was sure of what to do but she took control - I think everyone just felt more confident. I think she did save the girl's life and she lost a lot of colour in her face and was very pale."

As a result of the incident, some trains on this line were subject to delay.

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “We apologise to customers affected by the disruption to some services after a customer took ill.

“The welfare of our customers is a priority, and we wish them a speedy recovery.”

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