Around 300 activists have 'pretended to die' in a Glasgow museum to raise awareness of the possible 'extinction of the human race'.

Young people and adults lay underneath Dippy the Dinosaur, the famous copy of a Diplodocus skeleton which is currently being housed in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum as part of its UK tour.

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The activists lay still on the ground for around 20 minutes to highlight the 'danger of extinction', and held signs that read 'Are we next?'.

The event was organised by the 'Wee Rebellion', a branch associated with Extinction Rebellion that focuses on young people in Glasgow.

One protestor Aoibhìn, 7, said: “Lots of animals are dying out because of climate change so we’re doing it around Dippy the dinosaur which was an animal that died out”.

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Lida, 12, added: “We want to raise awareness about climate change. If we keep carrying on the way we are humans may become extinct, like Dippy”.

Organisers say the Wee Rebellion will continue protests until local and central governments 'tell the truth' about the climate emergency, commit to zero greenhouse gas emissions and establish Climate Citizens Assemblies.

A spokesman for Glasgow Life said: "The protest was orderly and lasted for around 20 minutes, before those involved dispersed.

"There was no disruption to the venue."