VILE trolls have targeted the devastated woman Alesha MacPhail’s killer tried to frame for her murder.

Toni McLachlan, 18, revealed sickening messages were sent to her on social media which branded killer Aaron Campbell “a very good guy.”

Toni, the girlfriend of Alesha’s grieving dad Robert McPhail, demanded that the troll should “be locked” up for his string of despicable messages last month.

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Sharing images of the twisted comments, Toni wrote: “He clearly needs locked up too, honestly don’t understand how someone can be so bold and not even care.”

One of the disgusting messages boasted about teaching killer Aaron Campbell MMA Fighting techniques before claiming Campbell was a “quick learner.”

When Toni responded saying the sender was giving her “the creeps,” the troll responded by referring to Campbell as a “very good guy as well.”

His messages, sent on social media site Instagram, said: “You know nothing. I taught Aaron MMA then all submissions everything.”

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Another message contained laughing emojis before he wrote: “The boy was a quick learner.”

Horrified Toni told him he should hand himself into the police and that she would block him, prompting another cruel response.

It comes as Alesha’s brave mum Georgina, 24, from Airdrie, appeared on television this week to tell how she has struggled to cope since Alesha’s harrowing death on the Isle of Bute last year.

She told of her battle with “intense grief” over the loss of her angelic daughter.

Six-year-old Alesha was abducted from her bed before being raped and murdered by Campbell in July 2018.


Her killer, then16, denied murdering the schoolgirl and instead blamed the girlfriend of Alesha’s dad, Toni McLachlan, for her death.

But he was found guilty and a sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison in February.

He has since launched an appeal against his sentence.