THOSE living in Glasgow have welcomed the announcement that Glasgow will host another top cycling event

Members of the public shared their delight that the city would be welcoming another world class competition in 2019’s Tour of Britain. 

Despite the possible disruption for residents, most believe the benefits to tourism and the city’s economy outweigh any potential problems caused. 

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Kirsty Morgan, a 45-year-old launderette technician, said: “I am proud Glasgow holds these events. It could be an inconvenience for people, but I guess they could work round it. 

“I think it brings business for the hotels and the cafés around it –and more people coming to Glasgow. 

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“I can understand why people would be angry when roads are shut. If we know this event is actually happening, people can make other arrangements.”

This feeling was shared by 56-year-old van driver Jim Bissett from Glasgow, who said it “promotes Glasgow”.

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He added: “It would cause some disruption for the people who are working but something can always be done.”

However, those who work in the city centre have expressed concerns. 

Student Ellie McAmley, 21, said: “I think it’s good they bring tourists but it’s bad for everyone in the city. I have three jobs in the centre so if I can’t get to work, I don’t know what I’ll do.”