THE heartbroken mum of Alesha MacPhail has branded her daughter's killer a "rat" after his brazen appeal bid was granted.

Georgina Lochrane, from Airdrie, slammed Aaron Campbell's latest move as he tries to have his 27-year jail sentence reduced.

It comes after the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service confirmed the 16-year-old will have his appeal held before three judges on August 7.

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Posting on Facebook, disgusted Georgina, 24, said she was "livid" and demanded answers on why the appeal was being allowed.

Referring to Campbell only as 'it,' she said: "Little runt. How much more pain and hurt does this thing have to cause.

"What is up with our system even allowing that the time of day.

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"I'm pretty sure they’ll have read it's social enquiry reports and how it’s still getting this far is beyond me."

Teen killer Campbell abducted and raped the six-year-old before murdering her and dumping her body in woodland.

During his trial, Campbell denied meeting Alesha, but before sentencing it emerged he had confessed.

The killer was ordered to spend a minimum of 27 years behind bars, a move that Alesha's family found some comfort in.

Georgina continued: "For the first time in seven years the system was actually doing right by Alesha.

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"Didn’t last that did it. Give the rat nothing less.

"I will be ensuring there’s no one sitting in front of me."

The shattered mum also urged mourners to change their profile pictures to an image of 'little star' Alesha as she vowed to fight for justice.

Sharing a picture of her adorable daughter, she said: "Today and until Alesha is heard I ask you put this back as your profile picture and share it.

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"Now we need to make a stand and get justice for Alesha."

Toni McLaughlin - the girlfriend of Alesha's father who Campbell tried to blame for her death - uploaded a touching picture of her with the schoolgirl after the news broke this morning.

The 18-year-old partner of Robert MacPhail said: "Share Alesha’s face not his, why even give him the time of day? 

"My beautiful princess. Love you forever and always."