Cycle race set for city

I’M sick and tired of these events roads are intended for vehicles and pavements for pedestrians – yet these events clearly dominate the entire city centre and causes major disruption (Glasgow to host opening stage of Tour of Britain cycling race, Tuesday).

As previously mentioned, why can’t these events take place in parks or indoor arenas etc and free up the roads and pavements for their intended purpose.

Not to mention save massive cash on paying council workers to make diversions and the numerous police that are drafted in to oversee the security aspect.

Sarah Clark, posted online

Tributes to Doris Day

Great actress, sad to hear.

RIP Doris.

Sam T, posted online

Climate change threat

Energy efficiency is constantly improving (Nicola Sturgeon: Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the world, Tuesday).

Even if they do not achieve the 2032 target it, by aiming for it they will have made a massive difference to combating climate emissions. The alternative of doing nothing, using up the last of the planet’s resources and condemning the future of humanity to an inhospitable climate probably isn’t a very good plan.

That said, we need the US, Russia, India and China to do their part as they are the biggest contributors to global emissions.

Ross Nicholson, posted online

Road closures for run

A GREAT cause but another nail in the coffin for our under pressure high street stores (Race For Life Glasgow: All the road closures, ET online, Tuesday).

It could have easily have been avoided if the council moved it to one of the many great parks they boast about.

Billy Jo, posted online