The Evening Times has taken part in ‘Journalism Matters’ the News Media Association’s new campaign to highlight the importance of local news.

The campaign replaced what used to be known as the ‘Local Newspaper of the Week’ a platform, for news media titles across the entire industry to tell their readers about the importance of trusted journalism in our society.

It is a chance for news media titles to tell their readers about the important job of what they do and why they do it.

Journalism Matters celebrates the vital role and the importance of trusted journalism. The power of campaigning local journalism is also championed through the ‘Making a Difference online’ public vote to find the best local newspaper campaign of the past year.

The Evening Times’ Glasgow’s Got Heart campaign, which along with the British Heart Foundation, was successful in getting all 32 Scottish councils signed up to introduce CPR training in schools, is one of the campaigns nominated for the award.

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The Evening Times set out on to the streets of Glasgow to ask people of the city what the paper means to them.

Zaid Boukhalfa, 53, said: “It is good evening news; it is good to read in the daytime/evening.

“Some newspapers only cover their own, but the ­Evening Times is always good to read. I particularly like reading the community news which is the most important.”

Hilda Kirkwood, 85, Glasgow, said: “I love the articles, local news, pictures of old and Glasgow. It is mostly all related to Glasgow and the pictures that go with them.”

Lindsay Oliphant, 93, from Proudfoot, said the content of the paper is the reason why he still buys it.

He said: “Some of the football is quite good. They have very interesting news about what goes on in the courts of Glasgow and about people getting charged. There is always a human story in it.”

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Mother and daughter, Angela, 57, and Abbi Plancey, 19, gave their views on the Evening Times.

Angela said: “I love the local stories, pictures and crosswords.”

Abbi added: “I love the inclusion about local schools and everything that it tells about Glasgow.”


Winners of the campaign will be announced at the Society of Editors Regional Press Awards tomorrow at the IET, Savoy Place in London. The premier awards which are organised by the Society of Editors on behalf of the industry will celebrate the best of British regional and local journalism throughput 2018.