GLASGOW City Council’s convenor of education, skills and early years has lost the confidence of the chamber following the row over P1 testing.

The Conservatives, supported by Labour and the Greens, presented their final motion to allow teachers to make their own decisions regarding P1 testing.

It comes after months of campaigning to scrap standardised testing completely.

In November 2018, despite the support of Labour and Greens, the Tories’ proposal was rejected as convenor Councillor Chris Cunningham said their idea was “not an instruction but merely an expression of opinion.”

Last month another motion was deemed incompetent by council officials as they could not submit similar plans within a six-month period.

At the full council meeting, Mr Cunningham said he was happy to see the Tories had “come-round” to the idea of giving teachers the power to decide if P1 testing was the right option for their class.

Members of the Conservative and Green party said they were disappointed in Mr Cunningham, claiming he had not attempted to correspond with the opposition regarding the issue.

Councillor Euan Blockley said: “Councillor Cunningham should have spoken to all three opposition parties. I was expecting a phone call but did not receive one.

“We do not have any confidence in the city convenor after he slapped down the view of the chamber.”

Mr Blockley added it was "with great sadness I have had to bring this motion before full council again.

“In November this chamber expressed the view P1 testing should be stopped. It was loud and clear.

“Councillor Cunningham should be speaking to teachers regularly. He would find out that they do not want testing in their classrooms.”

Councillor Jon Molyneux, of the Greens, agreed that councillor Cunningham should have “reached out” to them.

He said: “It is with a heavy heart that the Greens have lost the confidence of the city convenor’s actions.

“There should have been no doubt in his mind what the view of the chamber was. No attempt was made to bring the parties together to resolve this issue.”

During the debate councillor Cunningham said he respected the views of those opposed to standardised testing.

He said: “We should support those teachers who have decided to remove P1 testing.

“We do not agree that we should instruct teachers on this issue but allow them to make their own decision using their professional judgment.”

When asked to make a decision,  44 councillors voted for the Conservative’s motion and 37 voted against it.