OUR story in yesterday’s Evening Times on councillors being asked to back plans for an underground tunnel connecting Queen Street Station and Central Station sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection of them...

Cost will prevent it

This will never come about – costs and disruption will scupper it.

A cheaper solution would be to restore the “missing link” at Glasgow Cross – something which seems to be off the agenda at present but is the obvious solution and should have been done years ago.

Steve Graham, posted online

City Union Line option

“They’ want to reopen the (disused since the 1960s) rail lines and tunnels currently dormant around the city – yet dismiss the extant and ‘ready-for-use’ City Union Line across the very heart of the old city (undergoing redevelopment and rejuvenation) at Glasgow Cross!

Andrew Stephen, posted online

Heart of city change

I THINK the problem is it’s no longer the heart of the city.

Too many commuters are heading west of Central and Queen Street to office jobs to make a Glasgow Cross station a solution.

Charlie Duran, posted online

How is this green?

How I laughed when I read this.

The Green Party wants a tunnel built?

You can WALK between the two stations, surely that’s got to be up there with being GREEN? There is currently a free bus between stations.

Tunnels are bionically expensive items of civil engineering. Not to mention all the thousands of tonnes of CO2 producing concrete that will be needed to construct this.

Greens, the SNP have given them the platform to prop up their ideas, time to vote these numpties out.

Andrew, posted online