Protestors will take to the streets of Glasgow on Sunday to stage a demonstration against new laws against abortion which have been introduced in the US.

Alabama signed into law a near-total ban on abortions on Wednesday, making it the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country.

The bill, which will go into effect in just six months, will block abortions in the event of rape and incest - with the only exception being when a woman’s health is at serious risk.

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Organised by the Empowered Woman Project, tomorrow's demonstration entitled 'My Body, My Rights' aims to show those in America that 'Scotland sees them'.

Mandy Rose Jones, who runs the project, says that she and other feminists are enraged to see the laws put into force.

She told The Evening Times: "I want to show our sisters in America and those in our own country in Northern Ireland that we see them, we support them and we stand with them in the fight towards a basic human right.

"I’d like to ask any men who are making important decisions about women’s bodies to “mind their own business”.

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"Half of them probably couldn’t describe the biology of the female anatomy so why are they making decisions on it?"

She is calling on supporters to join the protest at the top of Buchanan Street at 12pm on Sunday.

Mandy herself will talk to those gathered and is encouraging people to bring chalk to write messages of support on the steps.

Check out the Facebook event page here.