A property factor has demanded ­residents stop their ­children drawing on the ­pavement with chalk as it is ruining the appearance of a housing estate.

Parents have branded the call “nonsense” and said it was a “disgrace” that children are being asked not to play outside their own homes.

The letters were sent to residents living in the estate in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, by the building factor, Spiers Gumley, following a routine inspection.

The letter read: “I notice that children are being allowed to chalk all over the monoblock areas at the front of the development.

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“This detracts from the overall appearance of the development; therefore I would ask if these children belong to your family they refrain from this practice immediately.”

However, residents said the chalking was not on the monoblock but on the tarmacked path area in between townhouses in the development, built by Mactaggart & Mickel.

One local resident, who did not want to be named, told the Evening Times: “It’s a disgrace to say that children chalking hopscotch detracts from the appearance of the development, when we have been raising issues with them regarding things that are more concerning than the estate’s appearance.

“They are having a great time drawing with chalk in the path and it’s not harming anyone.

“As soon as it rains it gets washed off – it’s not as if they are writing graffiti on walls. It’s nonsense for the factor to attempt to crack down on kids just having fun. What next? A curfew?”

The letter sent to residents also asked them to stop leaving children’s bicycles and toys on the grassy area of the neighbourhood, as they were preventing landscapers doing their work.

However, the resident added the same area is being used by non-residents to park their cars while dropping off their children to the local primary school.

She said: “We have continually voiced our concerns over the fact that parents from St Helen’s Primary use our car park, destroying the grass with their cars, which looks awful.

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“A gate should have been installed when the property was completed, but they will not put one up now as every single resident had to reach agreement.

“It’s a big safety concern, so it should have been there from the start. This in itself is a terrible eyesore.

“The trees and shrubs that were planted have either been destroyed or died and they have never been replaced.”

Donald Macdonald, chair of the Woodhill Residents Group, said the factor should “try to remember” when they were children themselves.

Mr Macdonald said sarcastically: “We can’t have children having any fun, you never know where it’s going to lead, it could be fun one day and then enjoyment the next. It’s a slippery slope.”

On a serious note, Mr Macdonald added it is well documented that children are spending too much time indoors and on digital devices.

“The reason people come and live in Bishopbriggs is quite simple, the high quality of the schools attracts young families in the area.

“We want the children to be able to go out and play safely, play responsibly. We want children to be encouraged to play outdoors,” he said.

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Spiers Gumley are yet to respond to requests for comment.