Plans for a plastic processing plant in Cardonald could be curtailed after a number of environmental objections were lodged with Glasgow City Council.

The proposal for a factory to be built in the Cardonald Business Park on Fifty Pitches Road near to the M8 had been submitted by Vinanian Developments, operating 24 hours a day, all year round.

However, questions about the environmental and traffic impacts of the business, have been asked by a number of local stakeholders.

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Representatives from Glasgow Airport, environment regulator Sepa and Drumoyne Community Council have been have all raised their concerns about the potential impact of the project.

Writing to Glasgow City Council, Drumoyne Community Council wrote: “We feel that additional HGV traffic in and out of area as well as cars created by this development will add to the already high volume of traffic in the area with consequences for both pollution and congestion.

“We are concerned by the emissions – particularly NO2 – which the plant’s generators will emit into an area which has a large population of households many with young children.”

Representatives at the Scottish Ambulance Service are also worried about the plans.

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A spokesperson said:“We have been made aware of the application and we have some concerns, however, we have robust contingency arrangements in place to respond to any changes on the road network, and we will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure we can continue to provide the best care for all patients.

This feeling has been echoed by two of the area’s representatives.

MP Chris Stephens said: “I am concerned this plant will be environmentally damaging by emitting potentially harmful emissions.

“As the plant is going to be located so close to households and the hospital, I feel taking a risk of the plant malfunctioning or a fire erupting and those in the hospital and the surrounding community being exposed to potentially noxious fumes is a risk that should not be taken.”

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Local councillor Stephen Dornan also objected to the planned factory, claiming it would exacerbate existing problems in relation to “traffic issues”.

These concerns are consistent with comments made by Sepa, who have advised Glasgow City Council of regulations which could be imposed on developers to ensure their emissions are monitored.

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Glasgow Airport have also claimed the development “could conflict with safeguarding criteria”.

Vinanian Developments were approached for comment.