LAST night’s front page story on a factor demanding families refrain from allowing their kids using chalk outside their own homes sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

Some people should remember when we were kids: Playing football in the street, playing kirby, hopscotch, kick the can, tig, etc

Those were the good days. We never sat and watched a TV or played computer 24 hours a day or try and cross a road looking at a mobile phone. The factor should get a life and let the children play.

That’s whats wrong in this country. Kids are not allowed to play anymore, unless it is on a mobile phone or computer. It’s a disgrace to try and stop kids playing in the street.

I Craig, posted online

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What a stupid response from the factor.

It’s an easy option is to write a letter rather than properly manage the property. The government needs to take action against factors and bring in a compulsory set of regulations to ensure that property owners get the service they pay for.

Andrew Montgomery, posted online

I HONESTLY despair. In fact a new generation of children are growing up here now and there are still people complaining about the children playing!

Unbelievable. Unless they’re wrecking the place, swinging and pulling branches off the trees and digging up landscapes areas, people need to remember that estates are not private and can’t dictate where the children play and a bit of chalk can be washed off.

Jac Taylor, posted online

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Evidence of children having fun is a good thing.

I like walking past them playing or just a sign that they’ve been playing, like this. It puts a smile on my face. It’s getting rarer and rarer these days to see simple outdoor play.

John Cassidy, posted online