LAST NIGHT’S front page story on calls to ban access to city centre lanes sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

Close the lanes

I SAID it before, close the lanes – only people who should have access are the pubs, shops, restaurants etc connected to them who need the access to them.

Craig, posted online

Make them useful

The answer is to make these useful and useable spaces.

A number of lanes in the city centre are well used with pubs and restaurants accessed off them.

Pedestrianise them, use them, install bright lighting and fit CCTV where it will actually do some good, instead of filming thousands of innocent people elsewhere in the city.

Paula Barclay, posted online

Follow Melbourne’s lead

I DON’T know if you’ve ever been to Melbourne but this is what they have done. The lanes are full of restaurants and bars.

Charles James Napier, posted online

Get cops on street

TIME to get the police out of their cars and onto the beat.

Sydney Jacks, posted online

Council isn’t interested

IT seems the council is not interested – it’s just part of seedy city life now.

Jack Arthur, posted online

Spruce lanes up

I AGREE that it’s time to make use of the lanes.

A perfect example is Ashton Lane. Look at how popular it is for visitors and locals.

JS, Glasgow