A WOMAN'S words from beyond the grave helped snare a cleaner who stole from her after she was struck by terminal cancer.

Clare Robertson was hired by Mairi Finlayson to help look after the house she shared with her husband in Jordanhill.

The 78-year-old later noticed two sentimental diamond rings had vanished along with £150.

The OAP alerted her daughter Lorna Smith, who also used Robertson to tidy her Jordanhill home.

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The 45-year-old discovered her son's £40 birthday money as well as a chequebook had also gone – with £870 removed from a bank account.

Robertson was confronted - but shamelessly stated it was "always the cleaner" blamed for items going missing.

The 44-year-old denied the crimes during a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Mairi sadly passed before she could give evidence.

But, the ill pensioner earlier gave a statement to police which helped secure justice.

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Robertson will learn her fate next month after being convicted of two theft charges.

Robertson was guilty of stealing £20,000 of jewellery and cash from upmarket houses she worked at.

This latest court case heard how Lorna asked Robertson to help clean her parents’ home in April 2017 shortly after her mum started chemotherapy.

In her statement, the OAP said: "I placed my rings in a box in my bedroom.

"I then noticed they were missing. Five days later, I told Clare and she said she would keep an eye out for them … We then found one of the rings in a spare bedroom where it had never been placed before."

Mairi later discovered £150 of Turkish Lira was also gone from the same drawer the rings had been.

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The pensioner alerted Lorna - before she learned cash had also vanished.

Lorna sacked Robertson in July 2017.

Robertson, from Yoker, had her bail continued pending sentencing.

After the verdict, Lorna said "justice had been done" for her late mum.

She said: "I cannot believe someone would stoop that low to steal from an elderly woman suffering from terminal cancer.”

Robertson was jailed for 16 months in December 2017 for similar thefts.