A GLASGOW dog lover has warned other pet owners about the danger of toxic pesticides after fearing for the life of her own rescue pup. 

Teresa Watson first noticed signs that something wasn't right after contracting a rash from her tall beagle Morty's saliva. 

After he developed signs of vomiting and diarrhoea, she visited a vet who confirmed this both were the result of him ingesting pesticides used on grassland. 

She reported that hundreds of pets across the Glasgow area have been hit by this as summer begins across the county. 

Teresa, 26, who runs her own laughter yoga company in the city centre, said the rescue dog had only just gotten back to full health, and this latest health scare has 'knocked him for six'. 

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She added: "We only got Morty in November as a rescue from a puppy farm. 

"It was horrific - our dog is like a kid to us. We felt so helpless. 

"If I had known it was what they were spraying on paths then I would have walked him somewhere else. 

"You feel so guilty. You think if you let him play in grass he would be alright. Even I came out in a rash. The vet said it was 100 per cent the pesticides. 

"It has taken so long for us to get his health up. My worry is that if this was four or five months ago, he wouldn't have survived." 

The Cumbernauld resident has now launched a petition to ask councils across Scotland to stop using pesticides which 

Teresa hopes that this support will force the Scottish Government to act and stop the use of these products. 

The petition reads: "Many of you may have noticed that as the warmer months come in the council have been out cutting the grass.

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"This is great and ensures we’re able to enjoy our parks and green spaces however their use of toxic pesticide has left hundreds if not thousands of dogs with vomiting and diarrhoea.

"For already poorly or elderly dogs this is potentially fatal, with local vets noting the surge in incidents this past week as a direct result.

"This petition will aim to outlaw the use of these pesticides and challenge the Scottish government and local council to seek safer alternatives. 

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"Something has to be done so no dog has to suffer."