Rat invasion

The news that council workers have been called to deal with rats in Glasgow homes and streets more than 14,000 times since 2016 is no surprise. So much house building is going on and the amount of water used putting the fire out at the art school that flushed them out the sewers didn’t help.

Paul Currie, online

I SPOKE to a pest control expert just as the bin reduction scheme began and he said ‘Mark my words, there will be an epidemic of calls’. As the food source moves so will the hungry rodents!

Adrian Magnano, posted online

Topman and Burton to go...

So Topman and Burton is shutting stores in Glasgow... this is the result of overcharging for years.

John Ferguson, online

TOPSHOP and Topman once ruled high street fashion, but in recent years they really have lost their way. They are another victim of stores that kill the high street while filling landfill with their cheap rubbish.

Jim Stevenson, posted online

It’s a shame, but the quality of clothes has gone downhill in the last few years. If you have muscles on your legs you instantly can’t buy jeans from them for a start.

Ted Kord, posted online

Another retailer to leave the high street. Sad times.

Tracy Currie, posted online

Blame residents for mess

So Glasgow’s streets are getting dirtier but the council is spending more per head than the rest of Scotland? Why blame the people that are out there trying to clean it up? It can’t be an easy job constantly cleaning up

a neighbourhood when its residents are the ones making the mess.

Linda Heron Kerr, posted online

DON’T blame the council – blame the idiots making the mess and dumping litter.

Catriona White Nichol