Hundreds of Glaswegians travelling home for the bank holiday weekend were stranded at Carlisle after being left on the platform following cancellations.

The 11.30am Virgin Trains service from London Euston to Glasgow Central was stopped at Carlisle after significant delays on the line earlier in its journey.

Those on the service were left to fend for themselves in the Cumbrian town after stopping there at 3.45pm.

According to reports, passengers were informed at 1.30pm of a problem at near to Preston station.

They then experienced a number of delays before arriving at Carlisle.

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After 3.45pm, two trains arrived to transport travellers to Glasgow. But on both occasions they were subsequently removed and returned to the platform.

No further trains have since travelled to Glasgow.

Virgin confirmed that problems had occurred on the line and that all passengers would be clear from the platforms and on trains by 8pm on Friday night.

By this point, holiday-goers will have been waiting at Carlisle for more than four hours.

One disgruntled passenger wrote on social media: "Currently waiting in Carlisle with probably about 500 or more people from the 11.30am London-Glasgow train this morning which cancelled here.

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"Two cancellations later and this crowd are not happy to say the least."

Another wrote: "I was meant to be arriving at Glasgow at 3pm. My train has delayed for nearly two hours at Carlisle.

"None of your staff are providing information about what’s going on."

The direct TransPennine Express service was due to take around four hours and 26 minutes for the journey, getting into Glasgow Central at 4pm.

Delays now mean the long day of travelling could now be as long as 12 hours for passengers.

The Evening Times understands that an incident on the west coast line at Preston occurred at around 12.30pm, delaying all travel to and from Glasgow because of damage to overhead electric wires.

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The line re-opened at around 3pm, but a backlog had reportedly built up in the meantime, slowing travel in the area.

Virgin have said that services are "returning to normal" but that significant delays remain.

Delays are expected on the route until at least the end of Friday.

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Virgin Trains staff have replied to some passengers on social media who have voiced their concerns at the cancellations, as well as the resultant "overcrowding"on those trains which have managed to travel on the west coast line, including repeated apologies.