Further to police series Line Of Duty’s great success, It makes me thinks things have changed since Z-Cars and The Bill were entertaining us on TV.

The officers on Z-Cars were said to have poor table-manners, shame on them.

That will change if graduates flood into the police force.

Mr Max Nottingham, posted by letter


In response to your video of rats swarming a flat in Govan – they are not going to go away with a Pied Piper. The residents of Glasgow need to wake up and take control of disposing of rubbish properly. I am deeply ashamed of what Glasgow has become. GCC is spending a lot of money cleaning up our streets but losing a battle and it’s down to the residents

Moira Garside, posted online

Maybe somebody should take responsibility to get the tenants together, clean the place up, sort out the bin bags and put down some poison. That’ll probably sort it. Passing the buck and moaning won’t.

Thomas Hughes, posted online

It's getting beyond a joke now. It’s never going to be fixed.

Raab Stewart, posted online


A wonderful woman pandering to SNP, Labour, etc. Let’s hope her successor is stronger and we’re out of Europe pronto.

Andrew Gibson, posted online

Never heard so much drivel in all my life. Did she think we are so stupid to believe the lies she just spouted? Goodbye.

Jeanette Miller, posted online

Ding dong, the witch is gone. Pity those aren’t tears for thousands of homeless people, thousands of families living in poverty, the people that thought the only way out is to end their own life because of the suffering her and the other Tories caused them. Please trip on your way out the door.

Joanne West, posted online