This is the hilarious moment members of the public attempt to herd a family of swans to safety from a busy Paisley road.

Two adult swans and their cygnets wandered onto Millarston Main Road in Paisley, near to a busy roundabout.

Traffic was brought to a standstill and several drivers abandoned their cars to help lead the vulnerable family to safety.

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Emma Crawford captured the funny video while travelling on the bus with her three daughters.

The 29-year-old was making her way to Barshaw Park last Saturday when they were subjected to the bizarre delay.

A man and two women are seen attempting to direct the birds away from traffic, with one of the ladies simply pointing in the direction of the pavement.

"The woman who points at them made me laugh the most," Emma said. "They really gave it their all."

One of the adult swans takes a peck at a woman who tries to help direct the family.

After around ten minutes of frantic pointing and using their jackets as barricades, the three 'heroes' managed to get the family of seven safely to the pavement on the other side.

Evening Times:

Emma said: "Everyone was glad they were safe; there were a few kids that were relieved."

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The RSPB advises that members of the public should inform traffic police if a swan is found on a road.

They say: "Swans occasionally land on busy carriageways. It is thought that thermals and wind turbulence over roads may knock the swans off balance and bring them down onto road surfaces.

"They need a long run before taking flight, and may be unable to take off if there is insufficient space.

"If the bird is found on the road or trapped on a central reservation, or a rescue represents a real danger to the rescuer, the traffic police should be informed."

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Well done to all those involved!