THE SNP has overwhelmingly won the European Parliament election in Glasgow, taking more than 68,000 votes.

The party won 43.7% of all votes in the city and was almost 45,000 ahead of Labour in second place.

SNP politicians have said the result shows Glasgow voted to remain in 2016 and, three years later, Glasgow still wants to remain.

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Labour, while suffering badly across Scotland and the UK, took just 15% of the vote, despite coming second a long way behind the SNP.

The outwardly pro-leave parties failed to make as big an impact as they had hoped with the Brexit Party, which had the biggest share of the vote in England, coming fourth in Glasgow on just over 15,000 votes and Ukip in last place in the city, winning just 2496 votes.

The referendum result in Glasgow in 2016 when 66% voted to remain has been repeated with support for the outwardly pro-remain parties topping 100,000 votes, again around two thirds of the total.

The LibDems which have no MP, MSP or councillor in Glasgow scored 14,357 votes and the Greens who came third with 18,862 to add to the SNP’s total for parties who campaigned explicitly on remaining in the EU.

Glasgow Central SNP MP, Alison Thewlis said: "It is a tremendous result for the SNP in Glasgow.

“It is clear that the city that wanted to remain has sent a clear message to Westminster, it is still backing remaining in the European Union.”

Chris Stephens, Glasgow South West SNP MP, said: “The result tonight is a clear vindication of the SNP strategy. The message sent from the Glasgow South West constituency and the city, to the UK Government is people want to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.”

After a disappointing night for Labour, the party's only MP in Glasgow said he knows there is “frustration” with Labour over Brexit and the party has suffered as a result.

Paul Sweeney, Glasgow North East Labour MP, said: “Labour has a core vote in Glasgow. The SNP got a vote that is a clear protest vote against Brexit.

“People want us to have a more clear Brexit position, pushing for a second vote. People are frustrated at Labour and I understand that.

“We must back a public campaign for a second vote and to campaign to remain in that vote. That’s my position.

“I campaigned in this election on that basis and it has delivered a share of the vote in Glasgow.”

The Conservatives had a disappointing night winning just 9700 votes and coming in  sixth out of eight parties,only ahead of Change UK and Ukip.

The Glasgow results in the European Parliament election in full:

  • SNP - 63,216
  • Labour - 23,423
  • Greens - 18,862
  • Brexit - 15,276
  • Liberal Democrats - 14,357
  • Conservatives - 9700
  • Change UK - 2511
  • Ukip - 2496


  • Gordon Edgar - 433
  • Ken Parke - 159