SCOTLAND has rejected Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon said, after the SNP was the clear winner in the European Parliament election in Scotland.

The SNP is on track for three of Scotland’s six MEPs when all the results are in today.

The party has won 38% of the vote, its best showing in a European Parliament election.

Ms Sturgeon said on twitter: "Formal declaration to come, but clear now that the SNP has won the Euro election emphatically - we are on course to take 3 out of 6 seats. A historic victory. And Scotland has rejected Brexit again."

She added: "Polling way ahead of any other party. Higher percentage in Scotland than Brexit Party's current share in rest of the UK. Emphatically clear that Scotland doesn't want Brexit."

With the Western Isles still to declare its results, the SNP are expected to have three MEPs, with the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party winning one MEP each.

The SNP won in 29 of the 31 local authorities to have declared so far.

Only Orkney and Shetland, where the LibDems won in both, didn’t return an SNP victory.

The result leaves Labour as the biggest losers in Scotland scoring under 10% in the vote and losing the two seats it had.

David Martin was the UK’s longest serving MEP first elected in 1984.

Mr Martin, said: "While obviously personally disappointed to lose my seat I'm devastated for the hundreds of good Labour people who put so much into the campaign. We lost not because of lack of effort but lack of clear message."

The Conservatives lost heavily in the rest of the UK but have managed to hold on to the one Scottish seat they had.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: "all indications" were her party had retained a Scottish MEP on what was a "tough night for the party UK-wide".

The Brexit Party, set up by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, in response to the UK not having left the EU when it was supposed to earlier this year, came second across Scotland.

The LibDems were third and the Conservatives fourth pushing Labour into fifth place.

Full results (with Western Isles still to declare):

  • SNP 37.9%
  • Brexit Party 14.7%
  • Liberal Democrats 13.9%
  • Conservative 11.7%
  • Labour 9.3%
  • Greens 8.3%
  • Change UK 1.9%
  • Ukip 1.8%