MY name is Iain Walker and I’m writing from New York, USA. Thank you for taking the time to read this small request that was authored from so far away. As part of

family research, I am attempting to locate any living relatives of George Nicolson of Glasgow.

Mr Nicolson served with my grandfather, Denis Lloyd of Derby, England, in the Second World War, at which time they were both in 7 Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

On August 25, 1941, the Stirling bomber they were flying in was shot down over Aach, Germany, at which time the entire crew died except for my grandfather Denis, who successfully parachuted out. After several years as a POW and upon the conclusion of the war, he lived a long and happy life and died in 2006 at age 91 in Sandiacre, England.

My parents moved to America in 1971 and we used to visit Denis often in England, which are some of my very best memories. My grandfather always credited his survival to practising how to feel his way around the bomber blindfolded when in between missions.

The reason I am attempting to locate the Nicolson family is to share with them my research, which includes the recent discovery of the crash site in Germany, as well as information pertaining to the individuals who buried Mr Nicolson and the rest of his crew, and who also tended to their grave sites at a small churchyard.

To date, Mr Nicolson is the last remaining family that I have not been able to make any contact with. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information other than he was the son of George and Charlotte Nicolson (nee Stalker) of Glasgow, that he was 27 when he died, and that he served as a Sergeant (RAF Service No. was possibly 529189). It further appears George had siblings identified as Thomas, Eva, Jessie, and Lily with possible ties to 45 and 47 Eaglesham Street, Tradeston, Glasgow.

If anyone has any potential contacts with the Nicolson family, I would be most appreciative if they would contact me by email at:

Iain Walker, by email