Voters in Glasgow overwhelmingly backed parties who wish to remain in the European Union.

Of the eight parties standing in Scotland, Glasgow the SNP, Greens, Liberal Democrats and Change UK focused their message on a second referendum and campaigning to vote remain.

The SNP was by far the biggest party taking 43.7% % of the citywide vote.

The pro remain parties took in total 103,946 votes of the total 155,915 votes cast.

It works out at 66% exactly the same as in 2016 when 66% of those who voted in Glasgow voted to remain to 34% leave.

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Brexit, Ukip and the Conservatives all back leaving the EU in line with the UK referendum result of 2016 and their total share in Glasgow was just 17.6%.

SNP politicians said that the result was proof that three years later Glasgow is a city that still wants to remain in the EU.

Alison Thewliss, Glasgow Central SNP MP, said: “It is a tremendous result for the SNP in Glasgow.

“It is clear that the city that wanted to remain has sent a clear message to Westminster, it is still backing remaining in the European Union.”

Chris Stephens, Glasgow South West SNP MP, said: “The result tonight is a clear vindication of the SNP strategy. The message sent from the Glasgow South West constituency and the city, to the UK Government is people want to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.”

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In Scotland the SNP won 37.7% and got three MEPs. Brexit were second with 14.8% the LibDems third on 13.8% and the Tories fourth on 11.6% each winning one MEP. Labour were fifth on 9.3% and the Greens in sixth place on 8%.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the result in Glasgow and across Scotland was a message to the UK Government in Westminster on both Brexit and Scottish independence

She said“The SNP will continue working with other parties to stop Brexit and all the ensuing economic damage to Scotland.

“If all Westminster has to offer is more chaos and confusion, potentially under the Premiership of an extreme Tory Brexiteer, then more and more people will come to the conclusion that Scotland’s future is best served as an independent country.”

The Tories had made ‘sending a message’ to Nicola Sturgeon opposing a second independence referendum a key part of their strategy in Scotland.

Despite coming a poor sixth in Glasgow and fourth in Scotland the Tories continued with their anti-SNP message.

Ruth Davidson, Scottish Conservative leader said:”It was clear before the election the Conservatives were going to get a kicking across the UK for not delivering Brexit as promised.

“I will redouble my efforts to ensure all those across the country seeking to get rid of the nationalist government at Holyrood feel able to come together and support my team at future elections.

“Dividing the pro-union vote only benefits one party - the SNP.”

The Evening Times asked people in Glasgow what they thought of the European elections and what they mean for the future of Scotland.

Ella Mitchell from Auldhouse said: "“I think we should have stuck to the original result. A vote’s a vote; you can’t just keep revisiting until you get the one you want.

“No matter last night’s results, I think leaving on the 31st would be very good. Very good for Scotland.

The 74-year-old added: “What would be best for us pensioners? You just don’t know.”

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Torran McEwan thought differently. The 24-year-old from Glasgow said: “If last night taught us anything, it is that the country is very split.

“I think another independence referendum would show those in Europe that we actually don’t have the same politics as the rest of the UK.

"We are a distinct culture and we do have beliefs that are not quite the same as down south.

“We need politics that are more representative of us.”

Hailing from the Isle of Skye, Paul Young said SNP were the clear choice for him.

He said: “Last night represents the Remain vote. I’d probably prefer if it wasn’t as split as it was, but I’m happy that a message was sent that Scotland is European and we want to stay that way.

“The fact that we were able to have this European vote might avoid the need for a People’s Vote – hopefully it sends a clear enough message.

"I voted SNP. They were the clear choice.”

And finally, Jean Marie said he regrets not voting in this election.

He said: “I didn’t vote, but I should have. Scotland spoke for themselves last night.

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"There should be another independence referendum so we can have more control over what we do."