Plans for a “Climate Ready Park” have been put forward in Bishopbriggs to help mitigate against flash flooding in the area.

The proposal, by East Dunbartonshire Council, would create the first park in the district focused on tackling issues related to climate change.

Possible improvements to Etive and Woodhill Parks include flood prevention, habitat protection and allocated space for organic food growing.

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The measures to improve water drainage follow an episode of “extreme rainfall” in June last year, which caused localised flooding on Angus Avenue, Bishopbriggs.

The rainfall was measured as a one in 500 year rain storm and the increased water was “in excess of what the industry standard combined sewer system is designed to deal with”, according to East Dunbartonshire Council.

The proposal advocated for increasing the capacity of above ground water storage facilities, to reduce the risk of flash flooding in the future, “by creating swales, wetland and basin features within open spaces”.

Additionally, surface water management plans are being developed to look at options to minimise flood risk in “hotspot areas”, these will be completed by the Autumn, the council said.

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Local residents were asked for their views during a public meeting last month in response to the plans.

The improvements would also include “biodiversity rich areas”, following requests from residents for more wildflower meadows, the promotion of Pollinator Trails, and the planting of ornamental, fruit and native trees.

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Space for 14 full allotment plots were also included in the plans for local food production, as well as “community areas and inclusive raised beds”.