A PERVERT who preyed on young female staff members is free to continue working in his ice-cream store after dodging jail.

Two brave victims of Mark McCrorie spoke out earlier this month in the Evening Times after being assaulted by the shop boss.

Yesterday, McCrorie was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court as his victims attended to see justice done.

We told how the 23-year-old sex pest grabbed staff member's bottoms, thrust his groin at them and, in one case, pulled his victim's head towards his to try to kiss her.

McCrorie has now been slapped with a community payback order stating that he must complete 300 hours of unpaid work.

The shop owner has also been added to the Sex Offenders Register where he will remain listed for two years.

Dionne Egan and Melissa Young, both 20, bravely spoke out against McCrorie, for no personal gain other than warning other women of McCrorie's crimes.

At court yesterday, the Cravings Ice Cream shop owner's victims were supported by family members.

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There was frustration from those affected as they had been told McCrorie would appear during the usual court sitting, which begins at 10am.

But he appeared at 9.30am, meaning they missed the chance to see justice being done.

One said: "No sentence would be long enough but 300 hours of community service is a joke.

"He is still free to work in his shop with young girls and young customers.

"And only two years on the Sex Offenders Register? It is not enough after everything he has done."

McCrorie preyed on his female victims twice at his Partick shop and once in his car.

He was found guilty of assaults on the waitresses between February 2017 and Mark 2018.

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He denied each of the charges against him but was convicted on April 16 at Glasgow Sheriff Court before sentencing yesterday.

During various occasions between February 1 and May 31, 2017, McCrorie sexually assaulted Dionne by seizing her bottom with his hands, seizing her waist, pushing her against a work surface and attempting to kiss her before pushing her.

He then pushed her against a work surface and started to push his groin against her in a vile thrusting motion.

Then, between April 2017 and May that year, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting Dionne within a vehicle by placing his hand on her groin area over her clothing and touching her there.

In a separate charge involving 19-year-old victim Toni Allan, who was working her first trial shift on March 27, last year, McCrorie carried out a similar assault by seizing the young woman on the bottom, grabbing her by the waist, pressing his groin against her bottom whilst making a thrusting motion.


He also placed his hand against her neck in an attempt to bend her forward, pulled her down onto his lap and made a further thrusting motion with his groin, before pulling the victim's head towards his in an attempt to kiss her.