Rat infestation

I LIVE in Govan Road and we are infested with rats (Evening Times, Monday). The council has been out with bait boxes. It’s not working.

Annmarie Mooney, via email

European Election

Every party was a remain party apart from UKIP and the Brexit party and one only formed six weeks ago.

The next election to the Scottish Parliament will see the end to a SNP and Greens majority due to the rise of another nationalist party.

George Walker, posted online

More political chaos

Sure, we await the next compelling case for IndyRef with dismay.

Yet again the Nationalists will stamp and bluster for their chance amid the chaos of Brexit.

It’s unlikely that the next PM will open the door to them on this glaring opportunity in a split UK, so whether Nicola Sturgeon actually believes she can win or not, and she has nothing to lose obviously, this is just more fuel for the ever-boring grievance politics of Scottish Government and its Indy Shangri-La.

John McDermott, posted online

Welcome return

I was pleased to hear about Gavin and Stacey returning to our screens.

It was always one of my favourite comedy shows and it will be super to see it back on television – even it’s just a Christmas special. James Cordon is hilarious... I’m sure it will be better than ever.

Great news.

Mary Russell, Glasgow