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anger over a bill for a new ‘bin pull-out service’ in Glasgow’s West End

sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

Too many charges

"How many more charges for this, that and the next thing are this SNP administration going to introduce before Glasgow residents give them there marching orders?

Derek Campbell, posted online

Do it yourself...

If it is your bin pull it out yourself like I do and I am 66-years-old.

Kevin Dougan, posted online

Welcome move

I would welcome this! Our back courts, also in West End, are overrun with rats due to lazy neighbours not taking their bins to the kerbside on collection day.

Weeks went by before the housing association eventually sent them a letter, they do it for a couple of weeks then don’t bother again.

Kiki Shaw, posted online

It’s a good idea

Got to admit that I’m all in favour.

Before this changeover, our bin area was a complete pigsty, now it’s actually pretty clean.

And in fairness to Partick Housing, they did inform the residents, about a year ago, that this was going to happen. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

John McLachlan, posted online

Paying out twice

Why should you be charged for the same service twice?

Council tax covers cleansing services, so what are the binmen being paid for if someone else is moving bins onto street for them? Public is ripped off right, left and centre yet again!

Karen Hamilton, posted online