The wait is over: Love Island is returning to our screens tonight at 9pm! We are already preparing ourselves to watch a summer of sun, sea and … sand. Keeping up with Laura Anderson in the Scottish represent, this year will see 24-year-old gym-owner Anton Danyluk from Airdrie battle the love-blues and be crowned king of the island.

So, what should we know about Scotland’s sexiest man? Well...

Anton hails from Airdrie, is 24 and owns a gym. Judging from his Instagram (@anton_danyluk, which already is verified with the blue tick) he is very much into body-building/weightlifting/ being ‘hench’. He says that any future girlfriend of his must be a fan of the gym – ‘it’s such a pig part of my life so it’s important that it’s a big part of their life as well.’

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Anton’s work ethic is also important to him: he says that the has a solid work ethic and that, among being ‘funny and hard-working’, it is one of his best qualities. With this solid work ethic, he bought himself a Porsche at 21. His worst are being ‘moody’ and ‘an overthinker’, as well as being occasionally ‘a bit selfish’.

Anton has already been on reality TV before with his appearance in ‘Glow’, the online reality series based in Glasgow. Glow was where he appeared with his ex-girlfriend, Denise Wilkie, who apparently quit the series after arguing with Anton on-screen.

Speaking about past relationships, Anton has had three ex-girlfriends. ‘Exes are exes for a reason’, Anton has said. ‘My first girlfriend, I got back with her after, but never again would I go back with someone.’

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His ideal woman would be Margot Robbie based on her role in the Wolf of Wall Street. “Blonde hair is usually my type”, he says.

Although being caught for his ‘medical condition’ of a ‘wandering eye’, Anton has said that he’s found it hard to be faithful – which might make living in close quarters with his partners in the villa a bit tricky. ‘I’ve never really been loyal in any of my relationships.’

‘For me, going into Love Island, it’s going to be the biggest test of my life.’