A fountain, more greenery, free-water fill-up stations and more statues of females – including that of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon- these are just some of the things the people of Glasgow want to see in their beloved George Square.

The Evening Times took to the streets to find out what people think should happen to the city centre-piece after we revealed Glasgow City Council is planning a major redesign.

With a complete rejuvenation of George Square currently being drawn up by Glasgow City Council, members of the public are to have their say on what they would like to change about the square.

In the coming weeks, a tent will be set up by the council in the square for people to drop in and express their opinion.

Since its creation in the 1780s, George Square has underwent multiple make-overs and its central location makes it vital to the city.

Named after George III, there are 12 statues in the square but just one is female - Queen Victoria.

In 2012 an international design competition featured more than 100 design and architect firms from around the globe registering their interest, with proposed ideas including the removal of statues and raising of flowerbeds. The redesign was estimated at a £15million expense, and after criticism, the plans were swiftly dropped.

With George Square intended as the central fan zone for both the 2020 European Football Championship and the 2023 Cycling World Championships, Council Leader Susan Aitken has stated that any developments must have the public in mind.

New plans could potentially see a complete or partial pedestrianisation of the square, but not before the public are to have their say.

Evening Times readers told what they think should happen to George Square.

Andrew McMillan wrote online : "It should have been totally pedestrianised years ago along with the rest of the centre of the City. Do it now."

Touching on all the events that are currently held in the Square, Vicky Pritchard wrote: "Please, please put all the entertainment rides etc to Glasgow Green where there is plenty room for it to be laid out properly and leave the square for pedestrians.

"It's always an eyesore when it's filled up with fencing, rides and food stands."

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Ronald Bowie said: "I'd be the first to nag about George Square rehabilitation and citizen consultation is fitting, but this just sounds like more 'somewhere over the rainbow' stuff."

Gerry MaGuire said: "Leave it be. Spend the money on filling the potholes and cut the two inch long grass on our roads verges, clear the unsightly and disgusting litter on the underpasses around the city.

"Stop playing politics with George Square. It was fine before GCC started the contest to waste money year in and year out."

William Logan added: "It's fine the way it is, so why spend a fortune changing it?

"It would be better to spend the cash on an underground connection between Queen Street and Central stations."

James Hamilton wrote: "This should be extremely low on a list of GCC priorities.

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"We need clean streets, roads with no potholes, better social services for the elderly and those in blocked beds in hospital. Please get real and deal with today's problems."


Katrine Ramsay, bank clerk, Dumbarton: “I’d say a bit more greenery. I think it would bring a bit fresher air into the city. Maybe a fountain, as well, just a bit less concrete. I know we have some parks around, but I think this being in the centre would bring a bit of a difference to people’s health as well.”

Laura Gasiunaite,  administrator, Dumbarton: “More statues of females, maybe. Mary Barbour, Nicola Sturgeon, Mary Queen of Scots even. Maybe some more flowers. It can look a bit boring without.”

Daniel Booth, Knightswood, software student: “It’s meant to be the heart of Glasgow, it would be nice if it was kept cleaner. It does get trashed quite a lot. I think on a nice day a lot more people would come and sit in the square.”

Paul Keenan, computing student, Germiston: “Something that would make the square better would be if there was a free drinking or water fountain for people to top up their water bottles when they’re sitting here on a sunny day. It would mean you’re not just buying them from shops and binning them after one use. On a sunny day you could see half of Glasgow sitting here.”

Fiona McIver, Pharmacist, Clydebank: “I’d like to see more facilities for children, for tourists and some undercover or sheltered facilities as well, to escape the bad weather.” Janet Cochrane, above, Arrochar, hotel worker: “Some flowers, a market and public toilets. In the summer, a festival type-thing for tourists. It would be great for something for tourists to listen.”