The Evening Times took the streets to find out what people want from George Square.

Katrine Ramsay, bank clerk, Dumbarton

“I’d say a bit more greenery. I think it would bring a bit fresher air into the city. Maybe a fountain, as well, just a bit less concrete. I know we have some parks roundabout, but I think this being in the centre would bring a bit of a difference to people’s health as well. I think that would be quite nice.”

Laura Gasiunaite, administrator, Dumbarton

“More statues of females, maybe. Mary Barbour, Nicola Sturgeon, Mary Queen of Scots even. Maybe some more flowers. It can look a bit boring without.”

Daniel Booth, Knightswood, Software Student

“It’s meant to be the heart of Glasgow, it would be nice if it was kept cleaner. It does get trashed quite a lot. I think on a nice day a lot more people would come and sit in the square.”

Paul Keenan, Computing Student, Germiston

“Something that would make the square better would be if there was a free drinking or water fountain for people to top up their water bottles when they’re sitting here on a sunny day. It would mean you’re not just buying them from shops and binning them after one use. On a sunny day you could see half of Glasgow sitting here. It’s Scotland, obviously you have to enjoy the weather while you have it.”

Fiona McIver, Pharmacist, Clydebank

“I’d like to see more facilities for children, for tourists and some undercover or sheltered facilities as well, to escape the bad weather that we always seem to unfortunately have. That would be nice to see.”

Janet Cochrane, Arrochar, Hotel Worker

“Some flowers, an outdoor market and public toilets and in the summer. Maybe a festival type-thing for tourists. It would be great for something for tourists to listen