IN case you've been under a rock all day, today is National Fish and Chip Day.

From breaded to battered, chips to dip or wrapped up in yesterday’s Evening Times newspaper, we've discovered salt and vinegar is the combo that wins Glasgow’s heart.

We weren’t surprised to learn of the many variations people have their chippies.

As one of the nation’s favourite dishes, there are 10,500 specialist fish and chip shops in the UK and the public spends £1.2 billion on fish and chips every year.

Coia’s Café on Duke Street is a favourite of Glasgow’s East End and has famously been serving fish and chips to the public for 90 years.

Today, it was business as usual behind the chippie counter.

Salt and vinegar is definitely the most popular combination to accompany fish and chips, with some disdain for the mushy peas side option.

Alfredo Coia likes his best freshly fried. He told us when we popped in: “It’s a homely feeling - it gives you a real feeling of satisfaction”.

If it’s straight from pan to plate for him, he’ll have it with some salt and a little vinegar - but if it was to go, it’s just the salt.

Customer Raymond loves his with the ubiquitous salt and vinegar and maybe – on a special occasion – some tomato sauce.

Michael was just about to sit down to have his fish and chips, with salt, vinegar and maybe a bit of ketchup. If he’s feeling fancy, he’ll maybe even dip a chip into some tartare sauce – but he says that mushy peas are ‘houfin’.

The winner of all must be Helen, who likes hers breaded, with a healthy salad – but she says its best when it's wrapped in a newspaper, dripping with grease and loads of salt.

“Much better with a bit of grease!”

How do you like yours? Let us know below.