TV licence decision

More than 300,000 Scots will be hit by the decision to charge £154.50 for a TV licence for those over 75 not receiving pension


It will not be long before the Scottish Government blame Westminster and say they will pay the cost of £46million and

think of the votes they would get for independence.

The £46m would be trivial alongside the £1billion black hole in Scotland’s public finances caused by a £1bn shortfall in income tax revenue. The Scottish Fiscal Commission has criticised the government for its “lack of assessment” for this shortfall.

What accountancy qualification has Finance Secretary Derek Mackay?

Clark Cross, via email

‘Scandalous’ move

It’s scandalous that the BBC has announced plans to make over 75 year-olds now pay for their television licence.

Don’t they realise this is the only form of entertainment for some elderly people and that they’ll simply have nothing else?

What a way to treat the generation who sacrificed so much for this country since the 2nd World War.

Stephen McCarthy, Glasgow

Attacks on 999 crews

Just watching ‘Critical Incident’ programme about attacks on the brave people who work in the emergency services.

In one incident two ambulance workers were brutally attacked by a patient they were attempting to help.

They quite rightly pressed for charges to be brought against the individual and he was given a caution.

The justice system in this country should be sending out tough messages that these attacks will not be tolerated.

Handing out a paltry caution sends out the wrong message and is a betrayal of all those who work in our emergency and public services.

AM, Glasgow