A CANCER sufferer brutally stabbed her niece following a dispute over a £4000 payday loan.

Sandra Mbindyo attacked Lyndsey MacDonald at the victim’s flat in Newlands last September.

She struck after Lyndsey, 31, earlier got a loan to try and bail out the struggling business of Mbindyo’s Kenyan husband.

The 59-year-old had been receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the time for cancer.

After later being held, she told police: “I deserve to be here for what I did to Lyndsey.”

Mbindyo now faces jail after she today pleaded guilty to assaulting Lyndsey to her severe injury.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard she had gone to see her niece and 60-year-old sister Carol MacDonald.

Prosecutor Lauren McRobert said: “At the beginning of September 2018 a financial dispute arose.

“Carol MacDonald made repeated attempts for Mbindyo to come to their home to discuss matters.”

Carol later left to walk her dog leaving the pair in the flat.

Mbindyo soon turned on her niece.

Ms McRobert said: “Mbindyo followed her and asked for a cup of coffee which was near a bed.

“As Lyndsey bent down, she felt a sharp pain in her back.

“She turned round to see her aunt with a large kitchen knife.

“There was blood on the blade. As this point Lyndsey realised she had been stabbed.”

Mbindyo then struck again as her niece desperately tried to defend herself.

The attacker eventually stopped - before Carol returned to discovered what had happened.

Lyndsey suffered wounds to her shoulder and arm. She later needed a total of nine stitches.

Mbindyo told police she was “sorry” adding: “I was just mad.”

John Kilcoyne, defending, said: “She was married and there was a £4000 pay day loan her niece took out in her name.

“This was to buy a van for her husband’s business. The business was unsuccessful and could not pay it back.”

The court was told Mbindyo, of Govan, recovered from cancer.

Sentencing was deferred for reports.