A THIEF went on a fast-food binge in Glasgow City Centre after stealing a student's credit card from a city centre gym.

Campbell Parker has criticised the security policy at PureGym on Hope Street after his locker and another gym member’s was ransacked.

The student had just finished his work-out on Monday night, when he discovered his secure locker had been broken into.

His clothes were strewn around the floor and his belongings removed including his wallet with bank cards and ID as well as a Nike black gym back, an Irn Bru Towel and cash.

He narrowly missed the thief, returning to his locker, thirteen minutes after he first used his bank card at City News at 10.59PM.

The thief then spent more than £50 in German Donner Kebab and KFC on Renfield Street between 11 and 11.45pm.

Although PureGym is open 24 hours, after 6pm members need to input two personalised pin codes.

According to eyewitnesses, a tall and “intoxicated” man was waiting outside the gym knocking on the glass windows, claiming that he had forgotten his PIN number and gaining access through a third party.

PureGym said it is “fully cooperating” with the police investigation.


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Mr Parker, who is a student at the Royal Conservatoire, managed to keep hold of his Viola which was also in the locker but lost his sheet music, which is of great sentimental value to him.

He said: “The main loss was most of my viola scores and piano parts which I had in my bag at that time.

“It is rather irreplaceable… something which I’ve had for years and years.”

Another man had his locker broken into on the same evening, with none of his belongings remaining.

In 2013, the Evening Times reported five locker room robberies from PureGym on Bath Street.

Earlier this year, David Sneddan issued an appeal for his mother’s wedding ring which went missing from the Pure Gym in Shawlands, with fears that it was stolen.

The student says he was offered a verbal apology by PureGym but nothing formal and no offer of compensation for his stolen belongings.

He said: “I understand the policy is you take responsibility for your own belongings but the locker itself was broken.

“The bigger picture of this story is that a dangerous individual has managed to get into a gym late at night where there are few members of staff. There could be a younger person…someone could have been attacked. He could have been armed.


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“There was a definite lack of security on this occasion and a dangerous individual was let in. This time no one was hurt, but who is to say that there won’t be someone in the future is drunk or on drugs and tries to rob someone face to face in the gym?”

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “PureGym takes the security of its members’ belongings extremely seriously and is fully cooperating with police investigations.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said:“We can confirm that enquiries are continuing following the break in to a locker in a gym on Hope Street in Glasgow reported on Tuesday the 4th of June.

“Personal items have been stolen between 10.30-11pm. There have been no arrests at present and our enquiries are still continuing.”