ONE of the staff members who developed cancer while working at a Coatbridge school at the centre of health fears has spoken of the "worry" of current staff.

The former teacher told BBC Scotland he is pleased that a review ordered by ministers is to go ahead into the Buchanan and St Ambrose High campus.

He said that if wrongdoing is uncovered, he will sue North Lanarkshire Council.

The teacher said: "I think it's absolutely great. The reason I think that is because there are many, many people at that school, my colleagues or ex-colleagues, whether they are teachers, whether they are support staff, or janitors, who are all worried.

"They're having to go into this school every day and they believe there is an issue with the ground.

"Well, if it is found that there is something wrong, I would contact a lawyer and I would want to claim them.

"[I am] very, very angry. What made me more angry was last Thursday when we went to the meeting in the Townhead Community Centre when the parents - I mean I have never seen anything like it. People crying.

"Actually, the people representing North Lanarkshire Council, I feel sorry for them because they were not to blame.

"They are the people out front putting the story across."


Concerns grow over St Ambrose and Buchanan High new campus

It emerged last month that four teachers at the school campus have developed a rare form of bladder cancer, including three who worked along the same corridor.

Parents have reported their children developing health problems while pupils at Buchanan High, formerly Drumpark School, and St Ambrose High School, such as stomach problems, headaches and tiredness.

Members of the teaching union NASUWT have announced plans for a strike in response to claims the local authority has been slow to act on mounting concerns at the campus.

North Lanarkshire Council said no serious illness had been linked to the schools or the site.

However, the Evening Times first told in 2009 about fears related to building the new campus at Drumpellier Country Park on a site that was used to dump materials from the former Gartsherrie Ironworks.

In April 2010 there was anger when councillors voted to go ahead with plans to build on the former landfill site.

Campaigners protested against the building location, claiming the site poses a health threat for pupils.


St Ambrose and Buchanan High staff reassured over 'blue water'

Engineering consultants URS Corporation labelled the area 'gas characteristic situation 4', the highest level of methane emissions but the council said the emissions were due to peat in the ground and not waste.

A year later, concerns grew as bright orange silt contaminated waterways in the park while ground around the new campus began to sink.

At the time, Central Scotland MSP John Wilson raised the issue of the new £44 million campus at the Scottish Parliament's Question Time while local councillor Martin McWilliams petitioned North Lanarkshire Council to meet with concerned residents.

But the council consistently maintained the site was safe.

During First Minister's Questions today, Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs that if medical testing was required, it would go ahead.

She said: "Let me make clear, if the review's experts can conclude that there is a need to recommend further tests on the site itself, or - with appropriate parental permission - the pupils, than that is exactly what will happen."