Bedbug nightmare

Why has this problem with bedbugs infesting a school been allowed to get so serious?

Teachers shouldn’t have to put up with this in their working day.

It’ll take more than washing machines to resolve this, who will be responsible for keeping washing machines clean and bug free? The money that’s been ploughed into this area is a joke, nothing improves.

I feel sorry for people who are in this situation through no fault of their own. What next?

SJ, via email

Bring back Matron

Just read in the Evening Times about the dreadful treatment imposed upon the staff of Hairmyres hospital by ISS, part of the hospitals PFI arrangement!

Arrangement indeed. More like ransom. Why does the Scottish Government not take this hospital, and others, into public ownership due to lack of confidence and poor management.

Oh, and bring back the matrons who knew how to run a hospital, staff, doctors, amd administration and knew how to deal with patients.

Come on Nicola, let’s see what you’re made of. And what about the over-75s TV licence fee?

F M K East Kilbride

Strange humour

FOOTBALLER Shay Logan is correct

when he talks about racism being on the

rise in this country in sport and society in general. He was the subject of some recent trolling.

What I cannot understand is why would a reasonably intelligent person like him upload a picture of someone without teeth and ask what city in Scotland is that person from.

If that is his idea of fun or humour then he needs to take a long, hard look at himself.

He is not a 10-year-old anymore.

MA, Glasgow

Honest answer

Amber Rudd has admitted the use of foodbanks is partly the responsibility of Universal Credit roll out (Susan Aitken’s poverty challenge to Amber Rudd, Friday). Well done that woman for being honest.

Gregor Cox, posted online