Toots and I had both been home for hours, long and exhausting days now well behind us.

This week at the office had been particularly telling, a long-term mobster getting the best of me again and I was determined to bring him in.

I had been sullen all evening since trundling in from the Buick after my day. Toots and I had barely spoken and the wireless buzzed in the background.


Glasgow restaurant review: McMillan Bar & Chop House delivers exceptional food - but not the service

It felt like hours had gone by before The Moll piped up: "Right, that's it. We're going out!"

Dollface really knew me - there was nothing like a good meal, a glass of wine and a ride in the Buick to perk Tec up.

We locked up and headed to the garage, revving the Buick up before taking off south, towards one of Govanhill's trendiest new joints.

The Bell Jar had been opened for a few months, and Tec was yet to hear any horror stories - a fair complement in his line of work.

Evening Times:

They parked up on Westmoreland Street and headed inside, with the hubbub of a younger and trendier crowd meeting them as soon as they walked through the doors.

Staff greeting us almost the second we walked in, with their attentiveness to become a recurring theme of the evening.

We were seated through the back, informed of the specials left peruse.

Neither of us had been to The Bell Jar before, but the waiting staff were on hand to offer us some tips - at least two plates each, but no more than three. We opted for two and a half with some bread, the perfect amount, as it turned out.

Our food arrived almost as quickly as we had ordered it. The kitchen was very quick itself, meaning all of our food dropping at our table within minutes.

Evening Times:

First on the table (and the first plate to be cleared), was the squid and whitebait with squid ink mayonnaise. While mayonnaise is not Tec's tipple, The Moll enjoyed it, along with the pair of fish which had been deep fried.

Alongside this came the vegan curried fritters with mango chutney - a plant-based break from the meat and fish, and one which certainly held its own in flavour.

The slow roast lamb was divine, served with capers and melt-in-your-mouth vegetables. A large plate of this would have been delightful, but there was more to taste, and worth the mixture of small dishes.

Evening Times:

The bread and salmon and haddock gratin complemented each other perfectly, with the crusty slices the perfect way to mop up the delicious sauce.

All of the food was fantastic, and complemented by a dangerously drinkable tipple as well.

As the late dusk of the summer;s night drew in, we paid up and headed home. The Bell Jar may be a relative new kid on the block on Glasgow's eating scene, but it has certainly made an impression.



Gratin £6.50

Squid and whitebait £5.50

Slow roast lamb £6.50

Halloumi £5.00

Vegan fritters £5.50

Bread £1.50


Bottle Il Caretto £16

Total £46.50

Food - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Service - ⭐⭐⭐⭐