High cost of parking

Congratulations to all the idiots who voted SNP and Green Party – thanks to them, we will all have to pay hundreds of pounds to park our cars at our place of employment.

A proposal to exempt this ludicrous idea for police, fire, coastguard and lifeboat services and teachers was voted down by the SNP and the Greens.

Well at least the emergency services know how much the SNP and Greens value them.

L J T, Glasgow

Lacking balance

Your article in Thursday’s paper, praising Erin Curtis, caught my attention.

She and her family support independence, and she has stated she is a fan of Ms Sturgeon. She was not impressed by the five candidates not declaring a non-zero emissions target by 2025.

The Nationalists own target in this regard is 2045, a mere five years before the UK target of 2050, so still very disappointing, one presumes, for Miss Curtis. I also presume she never gets a lift in a car to school or holidays abroad using air travel.

The moral in this respect, to me at least, is clear. No matter what age, you can never trust a Nationalist when dealing with the Conservatives to be fair and balanced.

John Rankin, Glasgow

Unfair fares

Dr Cooper how do you work out that this increase will deliver a higher income to the black cab drivers (Glasgow taxi fares to rise for second time this year, Evening Times, June 21)?

They are already struggling against Uber whose market share continues to grow.

Your decision will only increase their business.

You should get out of your Merc, Dr Cooper, and take a taxi then an Uber – you'll see what I mean.

Patsy Ford, posted online