Plea over more cyclists

I CANNOT believe the Glasgow city council. Has Susan Aitken, the council leader, actually walked around Glasgow?

The last thing that Glasgow needs is more cyclists (Evening Times, Tuesday). Glasgow is already over-run with cyclists who are a danger to the walking public and we certainly do not need anymore.

The city council needs to take action on the current cyclists, many who ignore traffic lights, treat the streets like a race track and speed down streets, barely missing pedestrians.

They ignore when the traffic lights are against them, go the wrong way down one-way streets and many have their head-phones on, making it hard for them to hear any thing.

No more cyclists are needed in Glasgow. The council needs to use the £4million to make the city centre better and safer for those who do not cycle, who actually walk. Make Glasgow a safer place.

If the cyclists are increased and they continue to speed down the streets of Glasgow, someone will eventually be run down by a cyclist and will be killed. How much is the council prepared to spend to solve this problem?

Angry, walking pedestrian, Glasgow

Scotland’s future


John Rankin’s letter

in Monday’s Evening Times and I have to register my utter disbelief at its contents.

I am, sadly, old enough to remember what it was like living in Scotland under the Thatcher/Major premierships. I can only assume that Mr Rankin is either too young, or has a bad case of selective memory.

Nonetheless, I know who I would trust with Scotland’s future and it isn’t Ms Davidson, no matter how many times she wraps herself up in the Union flag and sings ‘Rule Britannia’.

I also think the poll results taken last week of what Tory supporters really think of Scotland, makes her actions seem even more desperate than normal.

Andrew Haddow, via email