Help our city first

As leader of Glasgow City Council should Susan Aitken not be more interested in trying to help the Scottish homeless people that are on her own door step (George Square, as well as Argyle street) instead of 300 people who have been told that they do not fit the criteria for asylum seekers and are now illegal immigrants and are no longer eligible to be here (Evening Times, June 27)?

If Ms Aitken spent as much passion into her own citizens who are sleeping rough instead of spouting off in the papers again and again about illegal immigrants she might get on better. The SNP seem to not give a stuff about their own people. It makes me wondering what kind of country Scotland would be if we did get independence.

John Jameson, posted online

Bus shambles

Glasgow City Council could not possibly make a bigger mess of running bus services than so-called First who have been a shambles, cutting local services and branch routes in favour of flooding main roads with services. Along Alexandra Parade, there are frequently two, three, or four number number 38s all arriving at the same time. Shameful when you think people in Cranhill have a considerable walk through gloomy Cranhill Park to get a bus into town.

Ian Mackay, posted online

Begging the question

WE need to be able to filter out who is genuinely homeless and who is treating this as a part-time job (Evening Times, June 27). Sadly there are a lot of the latter in the area I live, Hillhead. If something could be done to discourage these people, it would mean we could focus on the people who are genuinely homeless. The only way I see of doing that is to give money to charities and avoid giving out cash to the people on the streets.

Even if you don’t give money to these part-time beggars, they still make the area look very untidy. The only time I get annoyed with them is when they are sitting with a dog in an attempt to elicit more cash. Surely the SSPCA should be stepping in here?

Tim Johnston, Glasgow