OAPs punished yet again

Once again OAPs are penalised. Now it’s the withdrawal of the free TV licence for the over 75s because the BBC cannot afford to fund them.

Well here’s a thought for the Director General to make considerable savings!

The many, very highly paid, BBC salaried celebrities make a lot of “extra” money guesting/appearing on other channels, opening stores, fetes etc.

Only, because their name was made by BBC exposure. Therefore, I believe they would work for the BBC for half of their present salary to retain their “marketable” status.

FMK, East Kilbride

Sunday parking charges

I NOTE the council has introduced new parking charges to help support improving air quality and promote active travel. I can’t fathom out why this will help.

They can’t solve the simple problem of improving air quality under and around the Hielanman’s Umbrella, Hope Street and George Square with all the taxis.

They have signs saying ‘entering a low emission zone’ yet the city centre is highest polluter zone with car, bus and lorry usage. This is not even taking into account the travel of vehicles on the Kingston Bridge or using the Clyde Tunnel.

Name and address supplied

Forcing people on buses

Glasgow City Council is trying to force people to use the buses by rolling out parking charges for Sunday parking.

I hope this backfires on them and everyone starts shopping online. The city centre shops can’t really afford the people to have another tax levied at them for driving cars.

They say it’s about pollution and saves the planet – aye right.

Brian Boyce, posted online