‘Shoddy’ city streets

I AGREE 100 per cent with your correspondent Sandra Brown this week about the state of Glasgow.

Grass cutting, weed control and general cleaning appears either non-existent or very shoddy.

The leader of the council writes for this paper but I sometimes wonder if she or her colleagues actually read it as letters highlighting these issues are published regularly without any response. It’s as if they just don’t care.

MA, Glasgow

Concert recording ban

WITH regards the Eagles banning recording at their SSE Hydro show (ET online, July 4) – it’s good as all concert venues should do


Pull out your phone and start recording should see you ejected from the gig.

It’s OK to take an occasional picture but most people just sit for the entire gig recording and taking pictures.

It’s really annoying and distracting for the people trying to watch the concert.

Moonk Master, posted online

Pothole misery

I WOULD like to flag up one of the worst potholes I’ve come across in Glasgow over recent months.

I was turning onto Springburn Road from Keppochhill Road, going towards Colston and encountered the massive crater in the road.

It’s little wonder drivers are constantly having to get repairs to their cars when they face road conditions like this.

I had earlier faced another pothole-filled road on North Canal Bank Street in Port Dundas.

I’m surprised my poor little Renault Clio managed to arrive home in one piece.

KW, via email