WOMEN working in Glasgow's lap dancing clubs are asking every councillor, MSP and MP in the city to meet with them.

Lap dancers have joined forced with union GMB Scotland and are writing to all elected representatives, including council leader Susan Aitken, to call on them to hear their stories.

The move comes as Glasgow City Council consults on the future of adult entertainment venues across the city.

Women are concerned their views are not being listened to, however, the council said it is directly seeking a view from GMB Scotland.

The letter to Ms Aitken reads: "There is a strong sense among our members that they are being disenfranchised from a process that will directly impact on their future.

"In any other workplace or industry this would not be deemed acceptable."

It goes on to say workers are not asking politicians to take a view on their jobs but to listen to their stories.

GMB Scotland Organiser Rhea Wolfson said: “We are asking every elected representative in the city and particularly our councillors to listen to the workers’ voice in the debate over the future licensing of Glasgow lap dancing venues.

“The prospect of an outright ban of lap dancing venues in Glasgow would have serious consequences for the livelihoods of our members and ultimately would drive the industry underground with everything that entails.

"We cannot sleepwalk into that scenario.

“We understand some politicians will have settled views on the matter, but we do want to challenge certain misconceptions and in the interests of democracy and fairness, the least they can do is talk to our members and hear their concerns.”

The consultation is currently live and runs until the end of August.

The women will be outside the Apple Store on Buchanan Street today handing out information leaflets.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "The consultation on this question is open until August 26 to give as much time as possible for the broadest range of views to be received on this subject.

"Anyone who has any interest in this subject is urged to put forward their point of view and all information received will be carefully considered as part of the committee’s decision making process."