Road rudeness

What has happened to driver etiquette these days? Is there any?

I was waiting near a car park to let someone out and got absolutely no recognition from themat all.

What happened to a wave or some kind of acknowledgement? It really isn’t that hard to do.

I still think it right to be a courteous driver. Maybe other drivers will do the same in future.

A Leitch, Renfrewshire

They’re all winners

Well done Evening Times on your Greatest Glaswegian series. And about time too.

There are so many people in our great city to celebrate from all walks of life.

Looking forward to finding out who will be the eventual winner.

F Parkinson, Glasgow

Spooky spot

No way would you like to stay there (Plans to turn Gartloch Hospital into flats, Evening Times, July 5). I wonder if the people selling the houses will be disclosing this building’s past to the prospective buyers?

At least it’s not an American Indian burial ground like in the movie Poltergeist.

Walter Steele, posted online

Bus service must work

I have seen many reports about bus regulations and taking services into public ownership.

For me, a successful bus service needs to serve the public – it needs to cater for people’s way of life and irregular working times.

Can services do that these days?

It has to work for the person in the street otherwise they will end up back in their cars – and how does that help our city and reduce pollution?

L H, Rutherglen