FOOTBALL fans have helped raise over £1,200 for the family of stricken Fernando Ricksen.

It comes as the family of the Rangers legend struggle to afford trips from Spain to see him in an Airdrie hospice.

On the GoFundMe page, a statement says: “Former Rangers player Fernando Ricksen is in a hospice battling Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

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“But his wife Veronika and their daughter Isabella can't afford constant trips from Spain to visit him in an Airdrie hospice.”

According to the page, the 42-year-old’s wife told The Sun: “I need to be able to fly any day.”

The page added: “Let's help change all that and raise as much money as possible so Veronika and Isabella can visit Fernando as much as they can while he is in a hospice.

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“Please share this campaign even if you can't afford to donate.”

A friend of the family, Pauline, told The Sun: “I had so many people getting in touch saying they wanted me to set up a GoFundMe page.

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"People want to help the family, so Veronika can keep going to visit Fernando.

"It’s great it’s raised so much money already — hopefully we raise even more.”

The page is aiming to raise £2,500.